When you’re operating earth moving equipment or trucks that are crucial to your project, here’s a piece of advice – don’t go cheap on tyres. Not only are tyres the second highest vehicle operating cost component after fuel, poorly maintained tyres can lead to unnecessary down time. If you are a fleet owner, you need to gain the best possible control of your tyres. SmarTTyres Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and MaxTT Tyre Treatments can keep your fleet on task and cruising happily. MaxTT Sub70 is formulated for use in tyres running at lower speeds (>70kph). This includes most earthmoving and construction equipment. Fewer punctures through using MaxTT means less down time and increased fleet efficiency, and monitoring your tyre pressure with TPMS means you can constantly run your tyres at optimal pressure, without the downtime normally associated with checking them. Enhance safety, performance and return by adding SmarTTyres TPMS and MaxTT together, and see these amazing results for yourself:

- Reduce rubber wear rates in tyres (longer life)
- Improve tyre resistance to damage (Impact, cuts, punctures and heat separation)
- Less downtime and thus increased productivity
- Lowering of rolling resistance which in turn results in increased fuel economy and lower maintenance costs.
- Improve Safety