Over 60% of automotive accidents worldwide have been found to have deflated tyres. MaxTT Hy-Way is specially formulated for use in tyres running on the open road. Incorporating both puncture sealing and tyre cooling properties, the treatment improves your car’s fuel efficiency, extends tyre life, mutes road vibrations and seals punctures, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Also, enhance safety and convenience by adding the SmarTTyres Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Did you know that 75% of drivers wash their cars monthly while only 15% correctly check their tyre pressure? Incorrectly inflated tyres can lead to blowouts that cause accidents. While overinflated tyres wear unevenly, have less grip on the road and can affect braking ability, underinflated tyres wear more quickly and affect cornering, braking and water dispersion. Remember, blowouts can happen at any time. TPMS systems are well worth the investment.