How heat can impact your business
Tyre pressure can vary significantly with temperature because air takes up more volume at higher temperatures and less volume at lower temperatures.
The generation of heat within earthmoving tyres plays an important part in the operation of many mining companies. The overwhelming majority of large tyres fail before they wear out because of poor maintenance and operating practices.
A hot environment and certain operating conditions will automatically lead to heat build-up in tyres. When the heat is generated faster than it can be transferred to the ambient air, it builds up in the tyre structure. As the operating temperature of the tyre increases, the rubber begins to lose its strength. In layman’s terms, this constant heating and cooling makes your tyres brittle, and brittle tyres don’t last as long and can impact safety.

How you can beat heat
Current methods being used to protect mining equipment from heat-related issues are barely able to scratch the surface of the problem. Some fleet owners conduct periodic temperature and pressure measurements to keep tabs but such methods are basically too little or too late because they do not look at the state of the tyres, leading to unnecessary production losses.
Despite improvements in tyre technology and strategies designed to get optimum performance, businesses continue to suffer production losses because of overheating risks. Installing SmarTTyres products can help you constantly monitor and cool your fleet tyres, resulting in reducing the thermal stresses to the tyre and extending their life.

Key benefits
Even a seemingly minor drop in tyre temperature will lead to dramatic cost-savings:
*Reduced rubber wear = Longer tyre life
*Less downtime = Increased productivity
*Less rolling resistance = Increased fuel economy and lower maintenance costs
*Improved resistance to chemical and physical damage

Implementing an efficient cooling strategy will result in reducing the thermal stresses to the tyre and extending the tyre life. This has been important due to the ever increasing efficiency of modern mining operations with high speed equipment and reduced waiting times within all areas of the operation. MaxTT Xtreme is specially formulated for use in tyres running in high temperature situations, with coolant properties that are far more effective than the standard Glycol formulation. This includes heavy duty machinery and mining equipment. Enhance safety and efficiency by adding MaxTT Tyre Treatments to your tyres today, and start saving!