TPMS is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System that will monitor tyre pressure for you in real time – on your smartphone. This is simple and easy, as your phone will notify you if there are any changes with your tyres – eliminating the messy hassle of having to check your tyre pressures manually.

SmarTTyres TPMS can be fitted on to any tyre of any size. We have TPMS for motorbikes, cars, trailers, caravans, boat trailers, horse floats and trucks, transport, mining and earthmoving equipment.

The system can be fitted by one of our fully trained installation technicians, or as a SmarTTyres DIY product.
We have systems for both Android and iOS phones – simply scan one of our QR codes to load the app, and you are ready to roll. What’s more, each unit comes with a 3 year warranty, including replacement of the sensor batteries.
You can drive with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car is running at optimum performance, just by checking your phone. In fact, maintaining constant pressure in the tyres will extend their life by 15 per cent.

Bonuses to using SmarTTyres TPMS

Fuel savings: SmarTTyres TPMS alerts you if your tyres are not properly inflated, reducing rolling resistance and improving fuel economy.
Increased tyre life: Operating on low pressure causes premature tyre wear; by keeping tyres properly inflated their life is improved.

Improved safety, fewer breakdowns: Under-inflation can cause a tyre to rupture causing a roadside breakdown. SmarTTyres TPMS alerts you to tyre deflation, thereby reducing roadside breakdowns.

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